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MONDAY: Shatter the Myths, Seize the Opportunity!

Dive headfirst into the lucrative and dynamic realms of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy! We kick off our journey with an eye-opening session that demystifies common myths and unveils the abundant opportunities awaiting you in these booming industries.

Get ready to discover how you can be a part of this exciting future, starting now!

TUESDAY: Unlock Your Inner Drive – Find Your Perfect Fit!

Tap into the core of your professional desires with our transformative introspection tool. This day is not just about finding a job – it's about discovering your destiny in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.

We guide you through a thought-provoking process to uncover your personal motivations, pinpoint your ideal industry position, and understand the 'why' behind your career choices and ignite your passion for the journey ahead!

WEDNESDAY: Visualise Your Future – See Your Destiny!

It's time to get crystal clear! Understand exactly where you're headed and learn the insider secrets to landing that dream role. Learn how to locate your dream job, and know the market rates for your skills.

Plus, grab your exclusive access to our bonus webinar, "How to get valuable work experience without having had a job in the industry before." – a must-watch for industry newcomers.

THURSDAY: The Strategic Blueprint for Your Dream Job

Discover and deploy a unique strategy to make yourself irresistible to your dream job. This isn't just planning; it's about architecting your future.

We'll guide you through detailing and documenting the exact steps to not only attract but also capture the career opportunity you've always desired.

FRIDAY: Crafting Your Personal Career Success Blueprint

Conclude the week with a grand finale – creating your personalised Cybersecurity and/or Data Privacy Career Plan. This is more than a plan; it's a manifesto of your future success.

Chart your path to the fulfilling career you deserve in these cutting-edge fields. Walk away with a tangible, actionable roadmap that spells your journey to success in Cybersecurity and/or Data Privacy.

Ready to Transform Your Career?

Don't just dream about a successful career in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy; make it a reality!

Join our 5-Day Challenge and take the first bold step towards a future brimming with opportunities. Your journey to an enviable career begins here.

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What You Get By Registering Now

  • You will get an Introduction to the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy industry, to help you understand where and how you should position yourself for success.
  • I will reveal a simple way for you to identify your niche and the ideal job/role for you, this makes it easy to know what exactly you should be applying for and why.
  • I will help you create your personalised career vision in line with your current situation, this will guide your actions moving forward.
  • Using my proven framework, you will prepare your Cybersecurity and Data Privacy career plan. This life changing document will clarify exactly what you need to do, to attract your dream job.
  • BONUS - Too many people struggle with the catch 22 situation of not getting a job because they do not have any work experience and not getting any work experience because they do not have a job. To help with this, you will get access to my exclusive Webinar - "How to Get Work Experience in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity on your CV Now, with NO previous work experience".
  • You'll be given exclusive access to our private Challenge Members Only Facebook Group, alongwith everyone else taking part in the challenge.
  • Every day I'll share one action item in the group for you to complete and post in the comments how you got on.
  • Each task can be done in just 15 - 30 minutes and I'll be on hand as well as my team to answer any questions you have. And you will meet fellow professionals trying to do exactly what you are doing and be able to benefit from their experience and success.

Hosted By: Toks Oyegunle

  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Experienced Career Coach and Consultant
  • 30 years experience across Privacy, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Recruitment
  • Industry Thought Leader
  • Multiple Certifications in Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • BSc. Computing; MSc. Business Systems Analysis and Design; Harvard Business School Alumnus

Results Experienced By Past Students, After Following My Career Coaching Strategies

Toks K. Oyegunle

Founder of SaP Lyceum

Greetings From Toks

Nice to 'meet' you. Over the last few years I've helped many fed up and frustrated IT Professionals, Lawyers and Career Changers get their dream job in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, by showing them exactly how to create a personalised career plan that attracts their ideal jobs to them like a magnet.

Not sure if all this will work for you?

Maybe you just don't know how, or where to start from, with so much confusion around what certification to get and what are the best roles to apply for?

Or you think you can never get a job without previous relevant experience in cybersecurity and data privacy? If you believe this, you will love my exclusive webinar that I give you access to for FREE, just for attending the challenge.

Or maybe you just want to be one of the first people selected for interview out of the hundreds of applications recieved for each job?

Then this challenge is a great starting point to challenge your misconceptions and understand the principles of what I teach.

Its my 5 days Get a Job in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Challenge running across Monday to Friday (29th JULY - 2nd AUGUST 2024) where you'll all be doing it together.

Plus I will be in the group every day to help you all along the way - and to make sure you get the most from taking part.

What's stopping you from taking part and actually being active on the best (and amazingly FREE) Cybersecurity and Data Privacy career development platform out there?

This challenge is all about implementation AND engagement in the private group - so we all get the maximum benefit from it.

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