Toks K. Oyegunle III

Meet Toks K. Oyegunle, the Director of Privacy and Cybersecurity at SaP Lyceum, a distinguished consultancy, coaching, and training company specializing in privacy, data protection, information security, and cybersecurity solutions.

With 30 years of exceptional experience as an award-winning Technology Executive and Entrepreneur, Toks has an impressive track record that spans various domains. He kickstarted his career in the heart of London's financial district, working with renowned investment banks such as JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Nomura, and NatWest Markets.

Driven by an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Toks ventured into technology entrepreneurship, where he successfully founded and led ventures in consultancy, recruitment, electronic banking software, and electronic payment solutions. Notably, he served as the Co-Founder and CEO of a subsidiary of a NASDAQ-listed company and even took one of his companies public on a UK stock market.

Today, Toks Oyegunle stands as a thought leader in the Privacy, Data Protection, and Cybersecurity industry. He provides invaluable consultancy solutions to organizations, shaping their security strategies and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. Furthermore, he dedicates his time to training, coaching, and mentoring professionals, sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Toks is an esteemed alumnus of both the Harvard Business School and the Lagos Business School, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. He holds a Master's degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design from the City University, London, and a Bachelor's degree in Computing from the South Bank University, London.

Beyond his impressive career, Toks is deeply passionate about education. He has made it his personal mission to impact the lives of one million African students through transformative technology education, striving to enhance the quality of their lives and contribute to their success.

Toks Oyegunle, a visionary leader and expert in the realms of privacy, cybersecurity, and technology, is here to empower individuals and organizations with knowledge, insights, and solutions that drive excellence in the digital age.

Consultant | Coach | Online Entrepreneur

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How can I help?

Typically, I help clients in a number of ways detailed below. My passion is in education and I enjoy helping people improve their lives with education, if you are interested in the scholarship award you can register here.

Do you have a Cybersecurity or Data Privacy Challenge?

Elevate Your Security and Compliance with Our Consultancy and Training Solutions

At SaP Lyceum, we specialize in offering a comprehensive range of consultancy and training solutions to organizations across the domains of Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Data Protection.

Our commitment to excellence and expertise ensures that your organization remains secure and compliant in today's ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Services Include:

  • vCISO and vDPO Solutions: Gain access to seasoned virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISO) and virtual Data Protection Officers (vDPO) who provide expert guidance to fortify your security posture and data protection strategies.
  • Planning and Leading Management Programs: We help you plan and lead comprehensive Privacy, Data Protection, and Cybersecurity Management programs, ensuring that your organization remains proactive in identifying and mitigating risks.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Training: Navigate complex regulatory landscapes with ease. Our experts assist in planning, managing, and delivering Regulatory Compliance, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy Training Programs tailored to your specific industry and compliance needs.
  • Standards Implementation and Certification: Achieve industry-recognized certifications such as Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS), and ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). We manage the planning, implementation, and certification process with relevant accrediting bodies.
  • Internal Audits and Audit Preparation: Ensure readiness for external audits by leveraging our internal audit services. We conduct thorough assessments, identify areas for improvement, and prepare your organization to meet audit requirements with confidence.
  • Bespoke Assignments: Tailored to Your Needs - Our consultancy services extend to customized, client-specific assignments, designed to address unique challenges and opportunities within your organization.

At SaP Lyceum, our mission is to empower your organization with the knowledge, strategies, and practical solutions necessary to safeguard sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and thrive in an increasingly digitized world.

Choose us as your trusted partner in Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Data Protection, and experience the peace of mind that comes with expert guidance and unwavering commitment to your organization's security and compliance goals.

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Empower Your Board with Confidence in Privacy and Cybersecurity

In an era where privacy and cybersecurity risks loom large, boards of organizations, both small and medium-sized, require a trusted ally with the expertise to navigate these challenges.

Enter Toks Oyegunle, a seasoned Non-Executive Director and Advisor, uniquely positioned to provide invaluable guidance.

🌐 Awareness and Understanding: Most boards are now acutely aware of the ever-present risks posed by cybersecurity breaches and the complex landscape of data protection laws. However, understanding and addressing these issues effectively remains a challenge.

🤝 Your Trusted Advisor: With a distinguished entrepreneurial background and specialized expertise in privacy and cybersecurity, Toks Oyegunle is your key asset. He serves on the boards of small and medium-sized companies, offering strategic insights and ensuring that the board is well-equipped to navigate these critical matters.

🚀 Reassuring Confidence: Toks' presence on your board instills a sense of assurance. His deep knowledge empowers boards to proactively manage cybersecurity risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and steer their organizations towards a secure future.

🔒 Security and Privacy Leadership: Toks Oyegunle's entrepreneurial journey and mastery of privacy and cybersecurity place him in a strong position to guide your board. His role as a Non-Executive Director or Advisor is pivotal in safeguarding your organization's digital assets and reputation.

Don't leave your organization's security and compliance to chance. With Toks Oyegunle as your ally on the board, you can confidently address privacy and cybersecurity challenges, ensuring that your organization thrives in an era of constant digital transformation. Trust in his expertise to lead your board towards a secure and prosperous future.